Science in our DNA

At AstraZeneca, science is at the core of everything we do. But more than that, science is who we are.


Leading scientific expertise

We combine a unique range of knowledge, skills and experience with a passion for following the science. Here are some examples of our key capabilities.


Three science units with one shared goal


Discovery and early development: combining the strengths of our 2 autonomous biotech units

IMED Biotech Unit



IMED Biotech Unit

Focuses on scientific advances in small molecules, oligonucleotides and other emerging technologies and drug discovery platforms across our focus areas.





Explores novel biologics pathways across our focus areas and pioneers innovative research using unparalleled expertise in protein engineering, translational sciences and immunology.

Late-stage development

Global Medicines Development

The science engine room that drives late-stage development of our innovative pipeline, transforming exciting science into valued new medicines and ensuring patients around the world can access them.


Where science thrives

Our research sites are collaborative, innovative and dynamic environments that allow our scientists to keep pushing the boundaries


Cambridge, United Kingdom

Our new facility in Cambridge will bring together our small molecule and biologics research and development activity. It will become our largest centre for oncology research and also house scientists focused on cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, respiratory, inflammation and autoimmune diseases and conditions of the central nervous system.


Gothenburg, Sweden

Our vibrant science facility in Gothenburg is a world-leading centre for research and development in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, and respiratory, inflammation and autoimmunity. It also houses science teams responsible for all phases and aspects of small molecule drug discovery and development – from initial ideas through to new medicines.


Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA

Our Gaithersburg centre is headquarters to MedImmune and our primary location for biologics research and development in the US. It is also home to our Global Medicines Development function and Specialty Products Group. The modern, vibrant, scientific campus employs more than 3,000 experts in our field and is only a short drive from Washington, DC.