For AstraZeneca, sustainability is about being part of a healthy society and a healthy planet.

Our five pillars of sustainability



Care of our Community

The aims of the community services of AstraZeneca Hong Kong are to:

  • Fulfill corporate social responsibility
  • Provide care and support for those in need
  • Strengthen team spirit and corporate unity

AstraZeneca Hong Kong Charitable Donation

Our belief stems from the idea “from the community, to the community” and thus we make it our corporate priority to support the welfare of the communities in which we operate. Our staff actively participates in a number of charitable activities aimed at helping people in need.
AstraZeneca Hong Kong also supports a wide range of charitable and fundraising initiatives which addresses various community needs, including the Red Cross, Patient Groups, hospice care services, etc. Through charitable donations, we hope to lend a helping hand and reach out those in need in our community and beyond.

AstraZeneca Hong Kong Volunteer Team

In addition to charitable donations, AstraZeneca Hong Kong’s employees practice what we preach through active participation in various community services.
AstraZeneca Hong Kong‘s volunteer team was officially established in 2009 and named "AZ Caring Hearts" . A number of volunteers were elected to form a committee responsible for defining the scope of service and arranging activities. The committee has planned for a number of preliminary initiatives, including participation in tree planting activities to support environmental protection, and visits to elderly homes and low-income families to provide assistance for more people in need in Hong Kong.

AstraZeneca cares for the Globe

At AstraZeneca, our corporate social responsibility is limitless with possibilities. Thus, our care extends beyond the local community to every community in the world. AstraZeneca supports a number of charities in different communities though our offices located in different parts of the world, including China, the U.K., Africa, and Southeast Asia etc. etc. We run various charitable and education programmes which promote the value of science and technology that improve health and the quality of life for all people.