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New campaign calls for cancer care to be reprioritised
New Normal, Same Cancer

[Hong Kong, 5 November 2020]: New Normal, Same Cancer - a new national campaign initiated by AstraZeneca to raise the public awareness of cancer care during the COVID-19 period. Even though social restriction and lockdown were implemented around the world to contain the spread of COVID-19, our healthcare system is still facing a huge challenge. In particular, cancer care worldwide has been disrupted, it will be resulted in an irreversible impact for cancer patients. As a leading healthcare partner in the world, AstraZeneca launched the campaign to call for cancer care to be reprioritised.

According to the research done by Cancer Research UK, there are 2.1 million deferred cancer screening investigations estimated in the first 10 weeks of lockdown1. Moreover, there are excess of 33,890 death from cancer anticipated in the next 12 months in the US due to the pandemic2. On the other hand, a research in US reveals that 46.4% reduction in newly diagnosed patients across 6 cancers (breast, colorectal, lung, pancreatic, gastric and oesophageal)3. The numbers reveal the impact of COVID-19 may reduce the access for cancer patients to treatment; or their routine screening service may have been paused that caused to detrimental outcomes of cancer treatment.

While the world is navigating a new normal, cancer has not stopped. Cancer continues to be one of the biggest global health challenges in 2020. In Hong Kong, according to the statistics from the Department of Health, cancer ranked No.1 as the disease leading cause of death for both male and female4. “New Normal, Same Cancer” campaign sees an immediate need to support patients to return to healthcare environments. Through three simple actions: Don’t wait. Contact your doctor and Get Check, we hope cancer patients will resume treatment that may have been paused and those people with possible cancer signs and symptoms or who have missed routine checks to consult a doctor.

As the healthcare partner for Hong Kong people, AstraZeneca Hong Kong always puts the patients first. AstraZeneca Hong Kong joined this national campaign to remind patients to seek cancer screening and care. As we all know, if individuals are diagnosed late, their cancer is much harder to treat. We urge patients take the three simple actions: Don’t wait. Contact your doctor and Get Check. With well protection and hygienic practice, we believe, people can continue cancer treatment as well as routine screening service safely.

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