What’s New

30 March, 2023

AstraZeneca Hong Kong Brings Forward
‘Ambition Zero Carbon’ Decarbonisation Programme

AstraZeneca Hong Kong has recently formulated our ambitious science-based decarbonisation strategy to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions through ‘Ambition Zero Carbon’ programme, a flagship programme for zero carbon emissions launched by AstraZeneca to eliminate emissions from its global operations by 2025 and to ensure its entire value chain is carbon negative by 2030. We are taking bold action on climate because we recognise that there is a strong connection between a healthy planet and healthy people. Aimed to be the most trusted healthcare partner, AstraZeneca Hong Kong commits to reducing our direct and indirect carbon footprint, accelerating our progress towards net zero.

‘Ambition Zero Carbon’ strategy
‘Ambition Zero Carbon’ significantly accelerates AstraZeneca’s reduction in carbon footprint, with targets verified in line with the science of climate change. In order to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions, we are maximising our energy efficiency, shifting to renewable energy sources, and investing in nature-based removals to compensate for any residual greenhouse gas footprint. We build resilience by managing the physical (sites, supply chain) and transitional (regulatory, market and product) risks and opportunities arising from climate change in the value chain through adaptation and business continuity planning. As a further step to help shape policy and find cross-industry solutions to rapidly decarbonise the global economy, Pascal Soriot, Chief Executive Officer of AstraZeneca, together with CEOs of six other members of the Sustainable Markets Initiative Health Systems Task Force (a public-private partnership launched at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference) – GSK, Merck, Novo Nordisk, Roche, Samsung Biologics and Sanofi, have committed to achieving near-term emissions reduction targets aligned to the 1.5°C pathway. For the first time, the global health sector has come together to accelerate the delivery of net zero health systems.

AstraZeneca Hong Kong approach to Environmental Protection
In ‘Ambition Zero Carbon’, AstraZeneca Hong Kong follows the science and focuses on delivering absolute reductions in all our direct and indirect sources of greenhouse gas emissions across our value chain. The indirect emissions that occur on our behalf, in premises or vehicles that we do not own or control is the most significant share of our total carbon footprint, covering from business travel to the disposal of our waste. Starting with transport, we have updated our air and rail travel policy for internal meetings and travel with external parties, re-examining how we travel, looking for ways to travel less and travel smarter across the globe whilst reducing our carbon footprint. Proactively managing our environmental impact, AstraZeneca Hong Kong has established ‘Eco Keeper’ in 2021, an internal campaign empowering our employees with a series of big and small commitments at an individual employee, team and company level to travel responsibly, create a more environmentally sustainable office and support the generation of electricity from local renewable energy sources. We are always encouraging our workforce to adopt a sustainability mindset, making sure our people understand how ‘Ambition Zero Carbon’ relates to us and where we can each make a difference.

AstraZeneca Hong Kong is using a science-led, patient-centric approach to deliver better healthcare outcomes with a lower environmental footprint. With sustainability as part of our organisational DNA, we do our part to limit the impacts of climate change while unlocking opportunities to deliver improved healthcare in a low carbon economy. We look forward to working collaboratively and creatively with our value chain partnerships to deliver on our decarbonisation targets and committing to a more sustainable future.