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2023-10-16AstraZeneca Joins Force with Wuxi Guolian to Establish Wuxi Guolian-AstraZeneca Hong Kong Innovation Center
Promoting Talent and Technology Exchange to Drive Biotechnology Development
2023-04-04AstraZeneca Partners Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks to Foster City’s Healthcare Innovation Ecosystem
Leading HK in pioneering life science innovation in Greater Bay Area, and setting an example for the region
2023-03-30AstraZeneca Hong Kong Brings Forward ‘Ambition Zero Carbon’ Decarbonisation Programme
2022-10-28AstraZeneca partners with Medera’s Novoheart on First Bioengineered Human Models of Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction
2022-07-01AstraZeneca Hong Kong Gains Footprint in Rare Diseases with Alexion
2021-11-05First HKSTP and AstraZeneca Co-Incubation Programme Incubatee – DotBio Pte Ltd
2021-10-12Hong Kong to donate 7.5 million doses of COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca through COVAX
2021-06-15AstraZeneca Hong Kong and Lippo Healthcare Invest Together for Health Innovation and Collaboration in the Greater Bay Area
2021-02-10AstraZeneca Hong Kong Launches the Young Health Programme with KELY Support Group in Support of Youth Rugby Training and Wellbeing
2021-02-10HKSTP and AstraZeneca Launch Co-incubation Programme for Biomedical Startups to Develop “Made in HK” Integrated Oncology Solutions
2020-12-23Corporate Video of AstraZeneca Hong Kong 30th Anniversary
2020-11-10New campaign calls for cancer care to be reprioritised - New Normal, Same Cancer
2020-09-23Hong Kong Alliance of Patients’ Organisations and AstraZeneca Hong Kong co-organised the ‘30 Life Stories’ project
2020-08-10AstraZeneca Hong Kong’s - Young Health Programme is open for application
2020-01-30Inaugural Collaboration between CUHK and AstraZeneca on Diabetic Kidney Disease Research Advancing a Global Strategy Against Diabetic Kidney Disease

HK-9743 27/11/2023

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